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Francesca Sheppard
Parish Clerk

Autumn leaves on a tree at the cemetery.

The Parish of Heath and Reach

Heath and Reach is a historic village with more than six hundred homes two miles north of Leighton Buzzard. The nearest city is Milton Keynes which is ten miles away. Easy links to the A5 and M1 make it a sought-after spot for commuters.

The village has grown up around a mix of thatched cottages and period properties which circle a traditional green and picturesque pump house. New build properties have grown up alongside former artisan cottages, Grade 2 listed buildings, and a stunning semi-rural mix of open fields, footpaths and bridleways. Heath and Reach also hosts five sand quarrying sites – as well known these days as the setting for TV dramas and films as for their original product!

The village boasts a lower school with an outstanding Ofsted result. Generations of villagers have gone through it which contributes to a unique community feel.

It is the role of the Parish Council to ensure Heath and Reach remains a desirable place to live.

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