Heath and Reach Parish Amenities


Sports Ground and Parish Cemetery Documents

On this page, we have listed a number of documents relating to the use of Sports and Recreation facilities and those of the Cemetery. These documents are presented in a .pdf format and you may need a document reader to view them. If you do not have a PDF viewer go here

Bryants Lane Sports Ground and Recreation Field

Please complete the ‘Booking Form’ and ‘Indemnity Form’ for either Bryants Lane or Thrift Road and forward these to the Parish Clerk for processing once you have decided to make use of the facilities Heath and Reach Parish Council has to offer.

Heath and Reach Parish Cemetery

In order to be able to use the Parish Cemetery facilities, it will be necessary to complete the ‘Interment Application’ Form’ and submit this to the Parish Clerk. This is an online form and will be forwarded immediately to the Council who will respond by the next working day if not sooner.

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