Our Parish History

We have put together a collection of Websites detailing historical events and writings. Ideal for those wanting to learn more about the history behind the parish of Heath and Reach.

Several of these links will take you to dedicated Websites where the content may be updated or contain broken links. As we do not manage these sites, these issues would be out of our control.

Bedfordshire Archives and Records Service

Objectives of the Archive Service:

To collect, preserve and make available the documentary heritage of the historic county of Bedfordshire and its people.

Conservation Area Appraisal

This is a linked page to the Central Bedfordshire Council’s Website where you can find out about all of the conservation areas in Central Bedfordshire.

Researchers may also find clues to the listed buildings and a wealth of other information.

Heath and Reach Community Archives

This is a link to the community archives hosted by Bedfordshire Archives and Records Service.

Ideal research material for budding geneologists.

Heath and Reach War Memorial

There are 39 names listed for World War I and 5 for World War II.

This is a linked page with a wealth of information relating to the inscribed names on the Memorial.

Our Parish History

The name Heath is first found in the Assize Rolls for Bedfordshire in 1276 as le Hethe.

The name is self-explanatory as much of the parish’s landscape is of the sandy heathland variety.

Tenancy Dispute over Cottage for Wounded Soldier

An interesting article going back to August 1918 regarding a dispute over the tenancy of a property in Heath and Reach.

The Sands Museum

Sand has been quarried from the area for over 150 years but supplies are finite and won’t last forever.

Leighton Buzzard sand is famous all over the world for its versatility and its usage and the Museum Website has a wealth of history.

The Two World Wars

This page is from our Website and contains a photo gallery of some of the war graves.

Again, useful information for anyone researching their family history.

Village Pump and Clock Tower

The Village Pump and Clock Tower is an important landmark in the village of Heath and Reach.

Built in 1873, the building houses a pump above a well which for many years was the main source of water in the village.