Speedwatch Update

Friday 7 Feb 2020 | Heath & Reach Village, SpeedWatch

A recent village survey conducted by the Parish Council highlighted and repeated existing concerns about speed and traffic numbers through the village. As part of this ongoing project, together with Central Bedfordshire Council, and Bedfordshire Police, the Parish Council have renewed efforts to tackle this issue.

Over the last couple of months, accurate measuring has taken place together with a number of meetings. Various options have been identified and considered, including safety cameras. Permanent cameras are not a practical option, as they have a high annual cost to calibrate that would fall to the village (currently £15,000 per annum). Their use is also limited to roads that have a high incidence of collisions linked to excessive speeds. The village is now registered as a community concern and has generated visits from the local Police Community team, together with the Safety Camera Partnership camera van.

This team effort has culminated in a village site meeting on the 20th December 2019 with Paul Salmon (Traffic Manager) CBC, Steve Lakin (Strategic Transport Manager) and two representatives of the Parish Council. During a two-hour walk-around, all areas of concern were visited and discussed. CBC is keen to work with us and consider that the best way forward is an extensive ‘end to end‘ project covering the entire village. CBC is responsible for any such engineering affecting the Public Highway, so have taken our suggestions away to help design the scheme. Mr Salmon is keen to get the project designed during the 2020-21 budget, and implementation after the necessary consultation with the village and other affected bodies.

As a Parish Council, we would like to thank CBC and Bedfordshire Police for their support and are looking forward to the next phase.

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