Heath and Reach Parish Council Communications Policy

Communications Policy - Heath and Reach Parish Council



  • To establish clear, easy to use channels of communication between the Parish Council and the Parishioners, and vice versa.
  • To provide information on important matters in an appropriate manner so as to facilitate and encourage informed comment from interested individuals and groups.


Each Parish Councillor has a duty to represent, without bias, the interest of the whole community. They will endeavour to do their best and are available to help parishioners with regard to matters relating to the parish.   They may be contacted by telephone and a contact list is displayed on the Parish Council notice board.  If the matter is important, then a letter /email to the Parish Clerk will ensure that this will be brought before the Parish Council and dealt with in a suitable and professional manner.

It is the Parish Council’s intention to comply with the schedule as below.

Parish Council Meetings

  • The Parish Council will meet at 7.00pm (unless otherwise stated) and are held each month except August
  • The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be the May meeting when Councillors will elect the Chair and appoint the Vice Chair for the forthcoming year.
  • The Annual Parish Meeting will take place in April each year.
  • Parish Council Committee meetings are held throughout the year and agendas will be published.
  • The Parish Council will meet at Heath Village Barn unless otherwise notified.
  • A 15-minute discussion period for parishioners will be held at the beginning of the Parish Council Meeting.


The following items will be displayed permanently:

  • Parish Councillors with contact telephone numbers
  • Parish Council meetings dates for the year
  • The Parish Council meeting notice will be displayed a minimum of three days in advance of the meeting.
  • Notices for Parishioners will be displayed as and when appropriate.

Parish Council Newsletter

Is in abeyance at the time of this review May 2019

  • A summary of the Parish Council Minutes will be published in the Newsletter.
  • The Chairman’s Report to the Annual Parish Meeting will be published annually.
  • Appropriate notices will be published as and when required.

Parish Council Website

The following items will be permanently available:

  • Parish Councillors with contact telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Parish Council meeting dates for the year
  • Meeting Agendas
  • The last set of approved Parish Council Minutes
  • The Chairman’s Annual Report
  • Council policies and procedures
  • Consultation information when required

The Parish Clerk will ensure that all Parish Council information included on the Website is regularly updated by passing relevant papers to the team involved in creating and maintaining the site.


  • All correspondence relating to the parish should be addressed to the Parish Clerk in the first instance. This will ensure that the matter is recorded and passed to the relevant person or organisation as soon as practicably possible.
  • All correspondence to the Parish Clerk will be acknowledged within one week of receipt.
  • If a parishioner wishes a matter to be formally discussed at a Parish Council meeting, then the Parish Clerk must be notified at least 10 days prior to the meeting to enable the item to be placed on the Agenda.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is held so that parishioners can have the opportunity to listen to the progress of the Parish Council over the last year and have the opportunity to debate local issues and celebrate local events and activities.


This document will be reviewed annually.


Any comments or queries regarding this document should be made to the Parish Clerk.

  • Last reviewed on 13th May 2019
  • Next review due May 2020
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