Discrimination & Disability Policy

Equalitys and diversity policy - Heath and Reach Parish Council

The Policy

The purpose of this policy is based on the principle that – as far as possible – all disabled people will be accorded the same equality of treatment, dignity and respect as all other people. This means that all members of the public will receive as near equal service as possible, and the occasions when some may feel that they are being treated differently reduced to a minimum. The Council recognises that there may be constraints to the service that we can offer from premises we occupy. We undertake to listen to and consider any solutions that might resolve these issues and that respect the dignity of the person with a disability.

Inclusive Approach

The Council will take an inclusive approach to providing access to our services and facilities for as wide a range of people with disabilities as possible, acknowledging that there may be some circumstances where particular provision may be necessary for people with certain disabilities


The Council is an equal opportunities employer and will work to make all reasonable adjustments to the workplace to enable any member of staff with a disability to enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling working life.


The Council will provide awareness building for all members of staff on how they may meet the needs of disabled people.


The effectiveness of the Disability Discrimination Policy will be monitored and reviewed on an annual basis.

  • Last reviewed –  6th July 2020
  • Next review date – July 2021