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This page contains a repository of the past 5 years of meeting agendas and minutes held by Heath and Reach Parish Council. Access to the current year 2018/19 is located on the Agendas and Minutes page

Clicking on links in each of the agenda or meeting listings below will open each of those documents held in our archive.

Year 2017 - 2018

CommitteeMeeting DatesAgendaMinutes
Cemetery Management5th March 2018DownloadDownload
Cemetery Management4th December 2017DownloadDownload
Cemetery Management2nd October 2017DownloadDownload
Cemetery Management19th June 2017DownloadDownload
Finance19th March 2018DownloadDownload
Finance4th January 2018DownloadDownload
Finance19th October 2017DownloadDownload
Finance12th June 2017DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council - AGM14th May 2018DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council9th April 2018DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council5th March 2018DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council5th February 2018DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council8th January 2018Downloaddownload
Full Parish Council4th December 2017DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council6th November 2017DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council2nd October 2017DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council4th September 2017DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council3rd July 2017DownloadDownload
Full Parish Council5th June 2017DownloadDownload
Planning & Environment9th April 2018DownloadDownload
Planning & Environment25th January 2018DownloadDownload
Planning & Environment8th January 2018DownloadDownload
Planning & Environment6th November 2017DownloadDownload
Planning & Environment16th October 2017DownloadDownload
Planning & Environment21st September 2017DownloadDownload
Planning & Environment16th August 2017DownloadDownload
Planning & Environment13th July 2017DownloadDownload
Planning & Environment9th June 2017DownloadDownload
Sports & Recreation5th March 2018DownloadDownload
Sports & Recreation4th December 2017DownloadDownload
Sports & Recreation2nd October 2017DownloadDownload
Sports & Recreation19th June 2017DownloadDownload

If there is a particular issue on an agenda or the minutes from a meeting not covered by the dates below, please make contact with the Parish Clerk by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of this page. 

You can click on the following buttons below to view previous years' agendas and meeting minutes held on this Website.

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