Heath and Reach Community Emergency Plan

In an emergency, having an emergency plan is not a substitute for calling 999 if there is a risk to life.

We are currently working on the production of a Community Emergency Plan for the Parish of Heath and Reach and in conjunction with Central Bedfordshire Council.

Our plan is being built for any emergency that could occur within our Parish. As you can imagine the examples of an emergency are endless, from extreme bad weather (the beast from the east) to aircraft impact and major power outages.

We are currently producing a list of our vulnerable parishioners, places that are readily available for use at short notice, volunteers and 4-wheel drive vehicles in the event of heavy snowfall and blocked roads as a result.

If there is a major incident it may well be that the village may be called on to provide support in the form of shelter for sustained periods of time. Our Parish Councillors will be liaising with all external contacts, the quarries, 4×4 vehicle owners and the instant availability of heavy lift vehicles for starters. We will also be putting together a list of volunteers together with available skills.

So, if you would like to be involved, please complete the registration form below we will hold your details in readiness.

This page will be regularly updated as our Emergency Plan progresses. This page was last updated on 11th December 2019

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