Heath and Reach Parish Council Precept 2020/21

Heath and Reach Parish Council Precept

The primary source of income for most Parish councils come from the Precept, which is a local tax collected by Central Bedfordshire Council on behalf of the Heath and Reach Parish Council.

This money is required to run the council and pay to maintain and improve the facilities, activities and services that we provide and is normally the operational cost difference between expected expenditure and income in any one year. A proportion of this money is prudently held in reserve for either future planned projects and/or unexpected events.

The Precept in Heath and Reach is currently £34,500. This equates to £53.11 per household per year or £1.02 per week.

So what do residents get for their £1.02 per week?


Here are a few things…

Why the parish council matters?

  • There but not there - picture the property of Richard PageWe manage Bryants Lane Playing Fields, the trim trail, all-weather courts and pavilion as well Thrift Road Recreation Ground and the dog walking field.
  • We provide a village handyman to carry out maintenance tasks swiftly and efficiently.
  • We maintain the Pump House and Clock, a village landmark.
  • We own the flower planters in the village that are maintained by volunteers.
  • We maintain the Millennium Garden, kindly donated by the United Trustees (Allotments).
  • We maintain the Parish Cemetery at St Leonards Church.
  • We own two notice boards located outside the Co-op Store and by the Barn where we post local information.
  • We maintain a defibrillator at Heath Village Barn.
  • We own the two wooden bus shelters in the village.
  • We have provided traffic calming measures including speed humps and speed indicator devices.
  • We provide litter bins, dog waste bins, seating and erect signs and notices as necessary on our land.
  • We arrange and pay for the Christmas tree and Christmas lights on Heath Green.
  • Elections every four years to allow you to vote for local candidates to sit on the Council.
  • An Annual Parish Meeting in April of each year for you to voice your opinion on the important issues affecting Heath and Reach.
  • Access to a local councillor, who will live within easy distance of you and easily contactable and will help wherever possible or signpost you to someone who can.
  • We are a formal consultative body for all planning applications that are lodged in Heath and Reach. The Planning and Environment Committee of the Council comments on all applications and will object to or support applications as it feels necessary.
  • The right to attend any meeting of the Council or its Committees, (except meetings or part of meetings that may be confidential) and a time is reserved during every meeting for residents to ask questions and/or make statements on any item on the meeting’s agenda.
  • A place at the table. Through local democracy your Council lobby Central Bedfordshire Council to ensure that decisions made at County level are in the best interest of the Village.
  • We liaise with Highways to ensure local issues are managed.
  • We liaise with Bedfordshire Police to ensure Heath and Reach is on the ‘radar’.


We are transparent in all our dealings and with the exception of those protected by law, all other documents and financial records are available for public inspection and scrutiny and most are available to view on our website.

All income, whether from the precept or hiring of Bryants Lane facilities and cemetery fees, is directed towards undertakings and projects that the Council believe will benefit Heath and Reach and/or its residents.

We employ a Parish Clerk to ensure the smooth operation and delivery of Council services.

This page was last updated on 6th July 2020.

Next update – May 2021

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