Need help?

Saturday 28 Mar 2020 | Health, Heath & Reach Village, Parish Council

If you are self-isolating or you know of a vulnerable person living close-by who may not have access to the Internet then read on…

The Parish Council implemented their Emergency Plan some two weeks ago and appealed for Volunteers to help out across the Parish. After several hours of strategic planning, we now have Street Captains who have been chosen to cover a specific group of properties throughout the Parish of Heath and Reach. From the feedback your Council is receiving, they are all doing a fantastic job.

We leaflet dropped every household in the Parish with details of how to contact the Parish Council should residents require help or assistance. If you need help or assistance, please make use of our Contact Us page on the Website, or call us on 07788 356 097. If there is an emergency, please use the usual phone numbers. In addition, and as a reminder, our Website holds a list of ‘Useful Contacts

We have also added a new pages as a reference point for the Coronavirus pandemic. These pages are not giving any advice from your Council but are simply portals to HM Government public information sites.

Stay safe everybody and follow Social Distancing.

Francesca Sheppard
Parish Clerk