Questions and Answers

From the Heath and Reach Parishioners

Responses – 2021

From time to time, Heath and Reach Parish Council run a number of surveys and polls relating to the area we live in with the sole purpose of understanding the concerns and feelings that our Parishioners may have.

We are now publishing the questions that the Council were asked during the Parish Council Satisfaction Survey at the start of 2021. To protect the identity of individuals we will only show two initials in place of a full name.


JH wanted to know why PC planning had objected to, or failed to support every renewable energy generation scheme since 2006.

“ PC remain committed to renewable energy, but this must be balanced against loss of green belt, and adverse visual and audible effects on the surrounding area.”

IE wanted to know what was happening in relation to inconsiderate parking, and the increase of HGV traffic through the village.

“PC are aware of these ongoing issues, and continue to work closely with CBC, the Community Policing Teams, and surrounding industry. We have a good working relationship with all parties, and recent concerns continue to be addressed”

Page last updated on 12 June 2021